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Next-gen AI interactions

Player <> AI Avatar

Players can interact with AI Avatars and NPCs using text or voice, benefitting from intelligent response suggestions.
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Game-changing AI NPCs

AI NPC <> AI NPC Interaction

AI-driven NPCs can autonomously generate dialogues within the game, mimicking real human conversations.
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AINFT Avatars

Realistic AINFT avatars that can be created using a selfie and given a pesonality
Deep customisation of appearance and personality of the avatar
Ability to purchase limited avatars of favourite streamers or influencers

Blockchain ECONOMY

Blockchain token and NFT rewards for in-game achievements
Simplified user-friendly blockchain/NFT adoption for mainstream gamers
Player-driven economy like trading, marketpalce, content creation and monetization

AI-driven gameplay

PvE elements with AI NPCs and bosses that remember player interactions
Dynamic shooter modes offer one-click AI interactions without distracting from the combat
Open world modes offer deeper AI character interactions and quests

Advanced AI features

Voice/text AI chat with your avatar and wtih AI NPCs
AI-generated dialogues and cutscenes create a unique storytelling experience
Dynamic quests and in-game events with frequent seasonal updates

Pre-alpha test closed

40,000 players participated

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Your face




AINFT Avatar

Create your own game character by taking a selfie and adding your own life story to make it truly represent you in the game


Your Voice

Your Personality



Revolutionizing Gaming with AI/ML

ETHERNITY leverages cutting-edge AI to transcend traditional gaming barriers, offering unique, interactive, and personal digital experiences.

AI Avatars


Creates personalized avatars using players’ selfies, enhancing player engagement and identity.

Models Used:

Face Reconstruction ML for visual creation; Neural Voice Synthesis and Conversational AI (LLM) for interaction.



Offers dynamic interactions with in-game characters, making the world feel alive and responsive.

Models Used:

Conversational AI (LLM) for dialogue; Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech (TTS) for natural communication.

AI Chat


Enables real-time, AI-driven conversations between players and AI characters, enriching the narrative.

Models Used:

Conversational AI (LLM) to simulate intelligent dialogue; Speech-to-Text and TTS for accessibility and inclusivity.

AI Enemies


Provides challenging, human-like adversaries that adapt to player strategies, enhancing gameplay complexity and replayability.

Models Used:

Reinforcement Learning (RL) to simulate and evolve enemy tactics and behaviors.

AI-Driven Game Modes


A PvPvE extraction game mode with AI and player competition


Players compete to be the last person or team standing


Players aim to achieve the highest number of kills


Teams compete against each other to accumulate the most kills


Silver Coin

  • In-game currency
  • Earned through battles.
  • Used to purchase common skins and lootboxes

Golden Coin

  • In-game currency
  • Purchased with real money
  • Used to purchase Battle Pass, rare skins, and lootboxes


  • Blockchain token
  • Earned through battles with a golden Battle Pass
  • Tradable on exchanges
  • Can be staked for additional rewards (APY)
  • NFT skins can be traded for this token
  • Available for investors through Initial DEX Offering (IDO)



Award-winning game studio

Valentin Sotov


20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, 2 exits, streamer, lifelong gamer

Andrew Kobal


10+ years in tech and AI/ML, former Dota 2 eSports player, 25 years of gaming experience

Demetre Shonia

Lead Developer

Senior Game Developer with 5+ years of prior experience in the gaming industry

Valeriia Kostenetska

Head of UX/UI

Passionate artist with extensive knowledge in UI/UX design and Web3 technologies

Eldar Yakubov

Lead 3D Artist

10 years in gaming, from AA to AAA, our 3D artist shapes worlds expertly

Inna Korovai

Head of Social Media

Our social media manager passionately connects with our community

Michael Sagun

Concept Artist

With 30 years in art, from painting to NFTs, our lead concept artist is a true visionary


Tomer Warschauer Nuni

CMO @ KIMA Finance, Serial entrepreneur, writer at Forbes and Cointelegraph

Kelly Bender

30+ published video games (AAA, AA, mobile & VR) and published 40+ comic books and stories.

Yasmina Kazitani

CMO @ Interverse, AI & Web3 enthusiast, Gaming & Gamification expert, Marketing & partnerships

Andrey Dakhovskyy

Founder of Djooky and Ukrainian Music Alliance, and former CEO at Ukrainian Records/Universal Music Group

Jawad Ali

CMO @ PlayToEarn, Marketing Leader & Strategic Advisor, Early-Stage Startup Advisor, Web 3 & Blockchain Gaming

Vlad Balaban

CBDO @ Global Traders Protocol, Crypto enthusiast and blockchain investor

Slava Malchenko

Slava Malchenko – CMO in Games @ 15+ yrs marketing experience. Previously lead marketing roles at Plarium (Raid: Shadow Legends 1B$ revenue), Playrix ($7.5B revenue), Chainers (300k users, NFT game) and many others.

Lee Lam

Strategist / COO (ex-Financial Services & Technology), 25 years of experience as a founder, advisor, and mentor

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Keep up to date with the latest developments and updates.

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