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In the land of AILAND, there was once a utopia. The citizens lived in harmony, surrounded by advanced technology and the beauty of nature. But one day, a darkness crept in. A Coreruption known as the Coreruption affected some of the citizens, turning them into mindless drones.

These drones were put to work creating the Mekanoid army within the Core of GARATON, led by Artesia’s corrupted sister, Queen Tryst. The Mekanoids captured any AILAND citizens they found who had not been corrupted, leaving the remaining citizens in fear.

But not everyone was affected by the Coreruption. A resistance led by Artesia, who had not been corrupted, formed in an undetected underground city called Artimus. This resistance knew that they needed help to win the war against the Mekanoids and the corrupted Queen Tryst.

With the help of advanced technology and the Syro, Artesia and her resistance were able to speak with citizens of Earth in our time. They reached out for help in their fight against the Mekanoids, who were not AILAND citizens but purely artificial beings created within GARATON from a mixture of robotics and insect DNA.

As the war raged on, the resistance knew that they could not defeat the Mekanoids alone. They needed allies, they needed heroes, and they needed hope. And so, they turned to the citizens of Earth, asking for help in their fight for freedom and the restoration of their once beautiful utopia.

Will you join the resistance and help restore AILAND to its former glory? The fate of the virtual world rests in the hands of those brave enough to take on the corrupted Queen Tryst and her army of Mekanoids. The future of AILAND is in your hands.